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Breathing for Beginners Mindfulness

The four keys of breath: Intention→Feeling→Transformation→ Awareness.

Intention: Establishing intention, or no intention, through your breath, allows you to gently focus.

Feeling: Utilizing breath to tune in with what you are feeling, allows us to understand our senses.

Transformation: We have the power to transform our emotions, through our intent and feelings.

Awareness: Our awareness expands, through our intentions, feelings, and transformations.

Beginner’s Breathing Techniques:

1.) 3D Diaphragmatic breathing-

To maximize the amount of oxygen you receive, using 3D Diaphragmatic breathing is the best method.

Three dimensional, diaphragmatic breathing, involves breathing deeply into your belly first, then raising that breath into your lungs.

2.) Ujai Breath (Oo-jay-ee)-

Ujai breath is an Indian breathing technique that promotes relaxation.

To utilize ujai breath, breathe in deeply through your nose. Then exhale through your nose, while slightly constricting the back of your throat to create a gentle sound.

3.) Breath Holds:

Breath holds can either be utilized by holding upon full exhalation, or full inhalation.

This breathing techniques helps us to deepen our breathing, and also shows us how our posture can increase or decrease our lung capacity. This technique also develops our skill of patience.

To practice breath holds, inhale or exhale as much as possible.

Then pause for a count of ten seconds or less.

4.) Emotional Breathing:

Emotional breathing involves creating the intention of what you want to feel through breath.

By first establishing the sensation or memory of the emotion you wish to feel…

Then breathing in that feeling into the body.

5.) Color Breathing:

Color breathing is the practice of breathing in the visualization of a specific color…

To create an emotional reaction within your body.

Become aware of which colors bring up specific emotions for you.

Once aware of this, you can start to utilize color breathing to achieve those emotions.

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