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Swanstone School
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Meet our Instructors

Grand Master
Oracle Owen

Owen is the Creator of Swanstone School of Mystical arts.

He is a Master of many Mystical arts including:

Meditation, Divination, Reiki Mastery, Qigong, Bhakti Yoga,

Our Grand Master founded this school in order to create a platform and community of Mystical Masters and Students.

The intention of assisting those on the mystical path, is our foundation at Swanstone School.

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Teacher of Art
Ruth Muller

Ruth is a mystical artist

of all forms.

She is also a Master of the Healing arts, a Certified Reiki Master.

Working with multimedia art, music, singing, pottery etc.

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Teacher of
Spiritual Fitness
Alton Sanders

Alton is a Master of what he calls "Spiritual Fitness".

Spiritual Fitness, is becoming strong in soul, mind and body.

Alton is a Fitness Instructor,

Championship Bodybuilder,

Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor,

Massage Therapist,

and US Military Veteran.

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Emilee is your new favorite Herbology Teacher.

If you are looking to learn how to create real life magic potions, elixirs, teas, smoothies, she is the one to you have been looking for.

Emilee is also a Yoga instructor and Reiki Second Degree Healer

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Teacher of Herbology Jack Stansis

Teacher of Herbology 
Emilee Brenner

Jack is literally in love with the

plant and mushroom kingdoms.

His ability to connect with, communicate with, cultivate, and harvest plants as medicine is

masterful beyond belief.

Beau leads Breathwork sessions that inspire and bring  freedom to the body and soul.

His mastery of the element of air, can bring much needed inspiration and feelings of self-worth to anyone in need of such things.

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Cassidy leads Breathwork sessions with a nurturing restorative presence. She is also deeply involved in conscious mothering. She is a great role model for anyone wanting to learn about mothering themselves and others.

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Teacher of Breathwork
Cassidy Bowker

Teacher of Breathwork
Beau Bowker

Jeremy is a Reiki Master, Angelic Healer,  Massage Therapist, Astrologer, and Qaballist.

Jeremy works with Sacred Sons Mens Groups, so is the perfect mentor for young men on the mystical path.

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Morgie is a magical musician of all kinds. She sings, plays piano, beatboxes, and dances.

Morgie has a light and loving heart, which shines through all she does.

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Teacher of Music
Morgie Mikenas

Teacher of Angel Magic
Jeremy Renta

Lolo is a Yoga instructor, Sound Healer, and Light Worker.

Her presence is soothing,

and strong.

She has done healing work with many wonderful, and even famous people in California. 

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Lexi, and Guru Dave are both Bhakti Yogis, who teach Kirtan, Mantra, and Yoga. These two Masters teach the art of love in its many many forms.

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Teachers of
Bhakti Yoga
Lexi and Guru Dave

Teacher of Light Work and Yoga
Logan Martini

Rose has been featured on

NY News, ESPN, and other Media outlets for her hilarious skits and charity efforts. When is comes to acting and comedy, there is almost nothing Rose cannot do.

Rose is also a Divinator, using Oracle Cards and Meditation to connect with Spiritual Guidance.

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Marc is empowered, and kind.

His acting is both over the top, and highly relatable to

native NY'ers.

He is part of Rose's acting team, and together they have been highly successful in what they do. While also giving back to the community.

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Teacher of Astrology
Katy Mumford

Katy is a true wisdom keeper of many mystical arts. Her knowledge of astrology makes every reading she does highly informative and even life changing.

 She is also a devoted Yoga instructor.

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Teacher of Dance
Jasmine Lewis

Jasmine, also known as "Jazze",

is a truly talented Dancer. Her love for her art shows in every dance she performs,  including her

dance of life.

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Teacher of Acting
and Comedy
Marc Reign

Teacher of Acting
and Comedy
Rosemary Severino

Teacher of Show Magic
Kofi Ksa

Kofi brings an energizing presence, and good vibes to any situation

he is in. He is also known as

"The Mindful Magician" because his magic shows, weave in meditation

and healing techniques as well as traditional show magic.

One of Kofi's ancestors was part of Oglala Tribe, and was friends with the famous Native American freedom fighter "Red Cloud. 

 Kofi has performed for many amazing crowds, including

Mimi Faust from the show

"Love and Hip-Hop."

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Teacher of Yoga
Rosetta Lorusso

Rosetta has a light in her heart that can be seen and felt from the moment you meet her. This makes the lessons she offers the world invaluable. She is greatly talented, and devoted to the art of yoga.

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What is
Swan Stone School of Mystical Arts?

Swan Stone School of Mystical arts, S.O.M.A for short,

is a collaborative, mystical, mentorship portal.

Featuring Teachers of many expertise, SOMA gives those on a mystical path, an opportunity to find the right mentor for their own personal studies.

*SOMA is a non-profit, so each individual Teacher

charges their own unique prices when you contact them for services.